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The Manor (1999)The Manor (1999)
iMDB Rating: 5.4
Date Released : 11 February 1999
Genre : Comedy, Mystery
Stars : Greta Scacchi, Gabrielle Anwar, Peter O’Toole, Martin Dejdar.” />
Movie Quality : HDrip
Format : MKV
Size : 700 MB

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Review :

Great black comedy whodunit with Oscar Winner Peter O'Toole

This is a real gem. Unknown to most people, this was ten times better than the more reviewed Gosford Park but better in all respects. The acting is solid and the camera-work and visuals are top flight. I highly recommend. Actors like Academy Award winner and legend Peter O'Toole in addition to some real sexy women like Greta Scacchi, Gabrielle Anwar, and Fay Masterson make this very watch- able. I also dare anyone to get ahead of the plot which has more twists than a molecular structure. The thing I really liked best about this is that it broke some of the rules of the genre and did some very inventing camera movement. Also it unveiled a few actors that most European audiences aren't that familiar with. People like Jiri Labus and Martin Dejdar are true pros. It also has some interesting animal scenes. I especially liked the metaphor of the wolves.


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